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  • Birch Tree Pilates
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    Birch Tree Pilates
    offers Pilates classes aiming at to restore flexibility, to revitalise your energy and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body.
    Pilates class at South Leigh Village Hall
    Tuesday, 19:30 - 20:30
    FREE trial class from 9th January through 27th March

    Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massages (by appointment only)
    In Deep Tissue, the technique focuses on releasing tension held in deeper layers of the muscle tissue.
    In Relaxation (Swedish) massage, the technique aims to loosen the muscles, soothing the entire body.

    Both therapies can be applied to the whole body or back, head, neck and shoulders.

    Important note: No class on Tuesday, 13th February.
    Term fees: on request.

    Audri for more information on term fees and to reserve a space.

    07741 182858 | |

  • The Oxfordshire Museum
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    There is a variety of exhibitions and activities to suit all ages and tastes at The Oxfordshire Museum throughout the year. Please see our website for full listings of these or contact:

    Lorraine Horne
    Audience Development Officer
    The Oxfordshire Museum
    Park Street, Woodstock
    Oxfordshire OX20 1SN
    T: 01993 814106
    Team email:
  • Bridewell Gardens
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    Bridewell Open Gardens 2018

    Sundays, 13th May, 10th June and 15th July ~ 2.00pm – 5.00pm
    Thursday, 16th August and Friday, 14th September ~ 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

    The Walled Garden, Wilcote, Near North Leigh, OX7 3DT
    01993 868313

    Charity no: 1158456
  • The Lower Windrush Valley Project
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    The project was set up in 2001 and works with environmental organisations, mineral operators, landowners and the local community to co-ordinate and deliver a wide range of initiatives that aim to:

    • strengthen and develop the evolving landscape of the valley
    • protect and enhance the biodiversity it supports
    • improve opportunities for people to access and enjoy the countryside
    • raise awareness, understanding and involvement in the diverse issues that influence the environment in the valley.
    The nature reserves at Rushy Common and Standlake Common can be viewed at any time from the bird hides that can be accessed through the purchase of a key from the project office. Other areas can be accessed via the network of public rights of way.

    For more information about the bird hides and purchasing a key please
    visit our website.

    You can also download a copy of our most recent walks and leisure leaflet

    The project has a growing number of volunteers helping on various activities, for example a regular group meet on Thursdays to carry out a range of practical conservation tasks such as coppicing and tree planting. Others help to run events or help out in the office. You can read more about the activities of the project and find out about future events on Facebook and the Blog - see the links below.

    If you are interested in helping with any aspect of the project, please contact Lucy Kennery (see the contact details below).
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    Lower Windrush Valley Project
    c/o Oxfordshire County Council
    Ron Groves House
    23 Oxford Road
    OX5 2BP

    Tel: 07557 082575

    Follow the Lower Windrush Valley Project on
    Facebook and read the blog here.

  • Campaign to Protect Rural England
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    Campaign to Protect Rural England Oxfordshire is an independent environmental charity, just one of more than 200 local groups in England. The Oxfordshire branch of CPRE is closely associated with CPRE national office. If you are concerned about solar farms & housing estates encroaching on our precious countryside, please join us!

    CPRE Oxfordshire is organised into eight semi-autonomous districts. Each district has a committee which deals with local planning matters, organises events and helps formulate our plans.

    "CPRE is very frequently an almighty nuisance, and this is absolutely as it should be. It's absolutely necessary to have a group of people who are utterly devoted to the protection of rural England." - Rt. Hon Oliver Letwin, MP
    Oxfordshire is an astonishingly beautiful county with its rolling green fields, ancient woodlands and glorious riversides. But it is threatened by urban sprawl, roads and industry. The demand for housing means many of our green spaces are sacrificed when previously developed land could be re-used instead. We suffer traffic and aircraft noise, litter and fly-tipping and the dirty orange glare of light pollution. Rural communities are threatened. Local people lack affordable housing, post offices close and local shops fold. Without thriving villages, who will look after the countryside we love?

    Oxfordshire's countryside is unique, essential, precious and finite – and it’s in danger. Every year, a little bit more is lost forever to urban sprawl, new roads, housing and other developments. Intensive farming is changing the character of the countryside. Climate change, too, will have a serious impact farming and on our flora and fauna.

    Standing up for your countryside

    We work locally in Oxfordshire and through our national office in London to stand up for the countryside: to protect it from the threats it faces, and to positively shape its future.
    The thing about CPRE's work is that you don't notice it. People only notice the beautiful rolling farmland, the hedges, woods and trees alive with birds, the biodiverse field margins - and they have no idea how hard won it can be to keep it that way. CPRE has been standing up for the Oxfordshire countryside for more than 80 years. In that time, we’ve seen some remarkable successes. We were instrumental in creating Oxford's Green Belt, helping to preserve the city's unique character and prevent urban sprawl. And we’ve influenced countless planning decisions that have helped preserved the special character of the Oxfordshire countryside.
    Please look at
    our website or for further information, please contact the West Oxfordshire District Chairman, Gareth Hammond: / 01993 881016
  • Standbrook Guides
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    Producing Maps and Town Guides since 1986

    Established in Chipping Sodbury, Bristol in 1986, Standbrook Guides set out to produce the most useful information handbook for all residents in well defined communities.

    The Residents' HANDBOOK is printed and distributed free to residents from our head office in Yate, and includes the best local
    street map for each town. We take particular pride in the regular updates and accuracy of our maps, which are also available through this web site.

    Reaching out to Local People

    Standbrook Guides publish each Residents' HANDBOOK annually, providing a wealth of local information and listing businesses and services in 138
    towns across a large area of England and South Wales.

    It has proved an excellent medium in supporting local communities, bringing customers and businesses together and allowing local organisations to reach out to local people.

    Contact details for Standbrook Guides can be found
  • Warmth (AWP)
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    Affordable Warmth Project - the United Sustainable Energy Agency

    Oxfordshire County Council has been awarded over £152,000 from the Government’s ‘Warm Homes, Healthy People’ fund to help residents keep warm and well this winter.

    Being warm in your home during winter can have many health benefits as well as protecting you from serious illnesses such as pneumonia. The chances of problems occurring are higher if you are:
    • over 60
    • on a low income (so cannot afford adequate heating)
    • have a long-term health condition such as heart disease
    • registered disabled.

    The additional project funding includes:
    • Distribution of fuel or food vouchers to vulnerable people: those struggling to afford heating bills or have to choose between food & warmth.
    • Distribution of essential refurbishment grants for home efficiency improvements such as thermostatic radiator valves, lined curtains, boiler repairs, provision of emergency heaters, draught proofing measures, etc.
    • Promotion of the Oxfordshire bulk oil buying scheme with a free year’s membership, for those residents who have oil as their main heating fuel. This enables cheaper oil prices through consortium buying.
    • Ability to carry out more benefit checks, ensuring that people are getting the financial assistance they are entitled to.

    If any of the above sounds helpful to you or someone you know, or if you have any further questions on affordable warmth, please contact the helpline today on 0800 107 0044. Our friendly team are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. An answer service is available outside of these hours, and over bank holidays. More information is available

    United Sustainable Energy Agency (USEA), will co-ordinate the project on behalf of the council, dealing directly with Oxfordshire CAB network, Age UK and NHS services. USEA will also run the freefone number on behalf of all the partners, as a central point for onward referrals.

    USEA is a not for profit company providing services to the public sector, businesses and individuals to help them reduce carbon, adapt to climate change and tackle fuel poverty.

    Dale Hoyland, Project Manager of the Oxfordshire Affordable Warmth Project at USEA, said: “I’m delighted that this grant has been awarded, where many residents across Oxfordshire struggle to afford adequate warmth. I hope this will make a real difference, giving people a warmer, healthier and more comfortable start to the New Year 2013. We are pleased to provide a ‘one stop shop’ advice line, now with routes to emergency funds to provide grants for essential refurbishment and even contribute towards fuel bills under certain circumstances so that heating can be afforded.”
  • British Red Cross
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    A welcome home from hospital

    Many people who are discharged from hospital are anxious about coping at home. Just a little time makes the world of difference.

    As a Red Cross Home from Hospital Volunteer, you could have the satisfaction of seeing someone safely settled at home after and illness or injury.

    It's a flexible, short-term commitment. One of a team of volunteers around the county, you would be called when there is a referral in your area. Visits are for a couple of weeks after discharge, just once or twice each week. Your visits will give practical support, perhaps with shopping or light housework, and help the person feel safe and confident about being at home again.

    A co-ordinator provides you and your fellow volunteers with the support and training you need. As part of the British Red Cross, you have the back-up of the largest international humanitarian movement in the world. If you think you could help, we'd love to hear from you.

    To find out more, please contact Faye Anderton on 01235 552660 or email
  • CAB
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    West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau

    The Citizens Advice Bureau can provide quality advice on just about any subject. This advice is free, confidential, and impartial. We are delighted to be able to offer a home visiting service to anyone who lives in a rural community within West Oxfordshire.

    We can offer the following services to anyone living in a rural area within West Oxfordshire:

    A full benefits check
    Help with completing forms
    Friendly help and advice

    If you are aged over 60 it maybe that you are not getting all the money which you are entitled to, for example Pension Credit is a tax-free weekly payment which could mean extra money for you each week. Some people have received as much as £1000 in backdated payments.

    If you would like further information or to make an appointment please contact
    Liz Oakley on 01993 708492 or email

    Citizens Advice Bureau, 33a High Street, Witney, Oxon. OX28 6HP
  • Energy Savings
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    Are you interested in finding out more about energy saving, climate change and renewable energy? If so, this collection of articles on energy saving and the associated services should be useful.

    Find out how to insulate your home, drive smarter and make more of your energy.

    Articles are provided by the United Sustainable Energy Agency (USEA). This not for profit company operates an Energy Saving Trust advice centre in the South East (Thames Valley and Solent). It also manages Cocoon, the free comparison service which can help homeowners find the best deals on cavity wall and loft insulation.
  • Eynsham Schools' Partnership
    Eynsham Schools' Partnership includes Bartholomew School and village primary schools (Eynsham, Stanton Harcourt, Standlake, Freeland, Hanborough Manor, and St. Peter's Cassington).

    The Partnership links our schools for joint work and offers children's sporting, drama and music activities, as well as staff development. Services across the schools include some home-school links and opportunities for children, parents and families, in all our villages. We also work with other people and services in the community when possible.

    Further details can be found
  • South Leigh Mobile Library Visit
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    The West Mobile Library provides a library service to the people of West Oxfordshire, a complete list of mobile stops and online library services can be found on the Oxfordshire Library Website.

    With over 2500 books on board there is a comprehensive range of adult and children's titles including large print and audio books on cassette and CD,

    We visit South Leigh fortnightly every alternate Tuesday and stop at:
    • South Leigh (Lymbrook Close) 14.05 to 14.15
    • South Leigh (Old Chapel, Chapel Road) 14.20 to 14.30

    Any Oxfordshire library card can be used on the mobile and any Oxfordshire library book can be returned to the mobile library.

    Online - with your borrower number and 4 digit PIN (available from any library) you can:
    • Renew your books.
    • Search the catalogue, by author, title or keyword.
    • Write a book review.
    • Reserve a book that will be delivered to your own mobile stop.
  • Woozelbears
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    Woozelbears is an established canine hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and dog grooming centre based in Witney, Oxfordshire. The facility has top of the range equipment and has a full time, highly qualified team working within the hydrotherapy department.

    Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses the properties of water to rehabilitate and improve an animal’s function in a heated, sanitized pool.

    Dogs that are suffering from a medical condition or have had surgery benefit greatly from hydrotherapy, as it allows the animal to exercise in a non weight bearing environment. This relieves pressure on joints, reducing pain and encouraging movement.

    You can find more detail and how to find us on our own website

    Charlotte Pimm (RICHA)
    Qualified Canine Hydrotherapist

    01993 772882
    07792 049758
  • Low Carbon Hub
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    Low Carbon hub launches community share offer to put local power in the hands of local people

    Local social enterprise, the Low Carbon Hub has launched its 2014 community share offer to raise £1.5 million investment into its first wave of renewable energy schemes for Oxfordshire. This will fund 1MW of solar PV installations on 18 local schools and a number of businesses across the County. The sale of shares in local renewable energy projects will mean that they will be 100% community owned, putting local power in the hands of local people. The Low Carbon Hub share offer is open to investments from £250 upwards until the 28th November. Investment in the Low Carbon Hub will bring renewable energy to Oxfordshire and create a greener, more sustainable future for us all. To find out more and to invest, go to:
  • Medical Detection Dogs
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    Can you help Medical Detection Dogs save lives?

    The charity Medical Detection Dogs train dogs in the detection by scent of human diseases and life-threatening health conditions.
    The Cancer Detection Dogs work on clinical trials with universities and health professionals in the early detection of cancer, publishing the results in scientific journals. For example, our dogs are over 90% accurate in the early detection of prostate cancer.
    The Medical Alert Assistance Dogs partner clients with life-threatening health conditions, acting as ‘early warning systems’; for example alerting before a hypoglycaemic attack causes collapse in a brittle Type 1 Diabetic person.

    We are a small group of volunteers, the Oxon. and Cotswold support group, supporting the charity by giving talks and running local fundraising events and street collections. We are looking for help with our fundraising. We need:

    • Volunteers to help with street collections and events
    • Offers to run an event, eg coffee morning or sale
    • Good quality second-hand clothes
    • Good quality bric-a-brac
    • Old jewellery, used stamps, used printer cartridges
    • New ideas for fundraising

    If you would like to join our group, mainly based in West Oxon., or volunteer for even one event a year, please contact:

    Heather Shute on 01993 831909 or

    If you would like a speaker to come to your local group, please contact us. You can find out more by visiting