Prospective Development of up to 3,000 houses to the north of South Leigh.

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In order that this page doesn't become cluttered with, potentially, many articles, any previously published article will be made available as a downloadable .pdf file each time there is an update. Click the button below to navigate directly to those articles and the development plan.
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Please do also look at the Eynsham Parish Council website – there is a lot of information there about their version of the Garden Village which are also pertinent to us and may well answer some of your questions.

Please pass the information contained on this page to anyone you can think of.

Nicky Brooks
Chairman of South Leigh Parish Council
01993 701137 /
I now think we are safe to say that the Cotswold Garden Village north of Eynsham is more than likely to go ahead and won't, at least in the short term, be replaced by Gladman's suggested development in South Leigh. We should congratulate ourselves on this major step towards saving our community.

A word of warning however! – feel free to put your protesting hat in the cupboard but be aware you might have to get it out again in a year or two! Gladman are unlikely to give in that easily.

The Good News and The Progress...

  • The WODC Local Plan Inspector has given the nod to the inclusion of the Cotswold Garden Village in the Local Plan. The final document will be approved in the Autumn of this year.
  • That Plan allocates enough new housing in West Oxfordshire to fulfil Central Government’s requirement and therefore no new large sites are needed until the end of 2031.
  • Grosvenor (acting on behalf of the landowners of the Garden Village) have started their public consultation and are working closely with WODC who are in the process of producing a detailed Action Plan to show how the Garden Village will be delivered.
  • WODC are in receipt of funds to build the park and ride, improve the A40 and the road to Long Hanborough to encourage train use.
  • Our Neighbourhood Plan has now gone to the Examiner – more details below.

On the negative side...

  • Do not forget Gladman's reputation – they are not known to give in easily – they have already invested a lot of money, they will have fall-back positions.
  • They might use the appeal and / or the judicial review process.
  • They might wait until the Garden Village outline planning application is submitted and then try to get the two applications compared as to their merit (through the Government’s 'Calling In' process).
  • They could try to draw the whole process out for so long that work needs to start on the next Local Plan before the Cotswold Garden Village is started.
  • For those of you on the village email address system - my apologies if I made my email to you sound as if the job was completely done.

Neighbourhood Plan

Good progress has been made - the last of the consultation periods has now closed and WODC will send the draft plan to the Official Examiner along with any comments that have been received. As long as the Examiner doesn’t suggest any changes we can move forward to the Parish Referendum. If that is passed, our Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by WODC and will have to be referred to when any planning applications are made. This will be yet another tool to be used against the Gladman application.

Nicky Brooks, June 2018

PS if anyone (who isn’t already signed up) would like to be kept up to date with this and any other village happenings please contact me on Alternatively is anyone wishes to have their details deleted again please let me know.
We all need to raise the profile of our objections to Gladman. That means writing with formal objections to WODC as part of the planning process - Amanda Howard will be sending a circular round the village with some pointers.

We should all please keep an eye on the Press and whenever possible write in to make sure that our voice is heard. Adam Mumford wrote an
excellent letter to the Witney Gazette which was printed in the 14th February, 2018 edition and which is reproduced below.

We need to keep the pressure up in this regard!

Ken Brooks.
Dear Sir / Madam,

I write in relation to your front page article last week entitled “Death of Witney”. Should the development of 3,000 houses in South Leigh go ahead, I fear a future headline may read “Death in South Leigh”.

For those unfamiliar with the village, it is accessible by only three roads; two of these are single track while the other is a wider road which just about accommodates two way traffic. ALL roads serving the village have 90 degree bends and blind corners. In the non-winter months high hedges reduce driver visibility even further and extreme caution is needed in several places. If the development goes ahead, and with the gridlock that is the A40, it is a certainty that many, many more cars will utilise these roads every day as a way of avoiding the A40 and there will, almost certainly, be a serious accident. When that happens Gladman, and anyone who facilitates their plan, will have blood on their greedy, cash-grabbing hands.

I note that your article also contains quotes from Gladman. Be careful - the Lesser Spotted Gladman, although commonly mistaken for the cuckoo due to its habit of destroying others environments for its own gain, is easily identifiable by its call which is one of half-truths and misinformation. As an example, Gladman organised exhibitions / ”consultations” in Eynsham and South Leigh in the summer to obtain data on the various merits of developments at either Eynsham or South Leigh. Surprise, surprise its data showed South Leigh was preferable to Eynsham. While the comparative size of both places obviously skewed the findings it is beyond belief that a company that pretends to be ethical and above board should organise a four hour event in South Leigh on a Friday and a five hour event in Eynsham on a Saturday. This was clearly a blatant tactic to ensure they got the answers they wanted by ensuring the opportunity for the people of South Leigh to voice their concerns was hindered, while the people of Eynsham had a much better opportunity to voice their concerns about the proposed Garden Village at Eynsham

I blame them not one jot for taking this opportunity but Gladman’s flawed, biased, unethical methodology is symptomatic of their entire organisation.

Yours faithfully,
Adam Mumford

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