Chairman’s report 2016 for AGM ~ 10th May, 2016

Another busy year has passed and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other councillors and in particular our clerk, John Ashwell, for all their hard work. We have been very well supported by our District and County Councillors, particularly with regard to the pub, and our thanks go to them.

David Taylor chose not to run for councillor again at this year's election and we thank him for his contributions over the last four years. Simon Stace was nominated as his replacement. As there was no other nominations, he was duly appointed.

Our thanks also go to the village hall committee whose tireless work enables the villagers to have a place to meet, especially whilst the pub remains closed. Please support them over the coming months.

The Mason Arms
Unfortunately another year has passed and the pub is still firmly shut. Planning permission to change ‘the cottage’ into a residential unit has just been refused, but an appeal is more than likely. An offer in excess of £900,000 for the whole site was received but unfortunately the owners felt unable to accept it.

We will be pushing for the council to enforce the breaches in planning control and to return the site its original status.

We are investigating the possibility of getting the council to action a compulsory purchase order and indeed have a meeting with Christine Gore tomorrow.

We will be employing the services of a barrister to fight the appeal, and any other planning permissions, that are forthcoming – more of that over the coming months.

Overall, we should be proud of ourselves. We have got further in this battle than we thought we would – a lot of that is down to the pressure that you as individuals are placing on the councillors, backed up by us as the Parish Council. No doubt there will be more to follow and somewhere along the line we will probably have to negotiate a deal where all parties get some of what they want, but none get all.

Please stick with it – it will be worth it in the end!

Proposed change to Shores Green junction
There has not been any further movement on this in the last year – the traffic movement reports show that the number of cars using the village as a commuter route is slowly increasing.


We continue to contact the council about potholes and the generally awful surface of the road through the village and High Cogges. They come and they fill the worse of them but Im afraid it’s a constant battle which we will continue to fight.


Please do feel free to contact any of the Parish Councillors if you have any issues that are concerning you with regard to the village – that is what we are here for.

Thank you again for your support over the last year.

Nicky Brooks
Chairman of South Leigh Parish Council
01993 701137 /