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The village hall has been provided, free of charge, with a fast internet connection by Gigaclear. This is a most welcome addition to the facilities that the hall provides. Find out more about Gigaclear from their own website.
The village hall has been provided, free of charge, with a fast internet connection by Gigaclear. This is a most welcome addition to the facilities that the hall provides. Find out more about Gigaclear from their own website.
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Your Village Hall - Your Community - Can You Help?

Would you like to be involved in village life, meet new people, make friends? Then this is for you!

South Leigh Village Hall is serving our village. We
urgently need new volunteers to help maintain and improve your facilities for the benefit of the whole community and all age groups.

If you think you might be able to spare a little time, please contact the Chairman (Richard Law 01993 773355 / who will be pleased to tell you what is involved.
The village hall committee relies on volunteers:-

  • To tell us how the hall can better serve our community
  • To organise and help to run events to help bring our community together and raise funds for the hall
  • For administration
  • To organise and help to carry out maintenance

Village Hall

David Brown has kindly created an image of the Millennium Village Map that hangs in the Village Hall.
The high resolution version of this image can be downloaded by clicking on the button below. It's a 12.Mb file.
David Brown has kindly created an image of the Millennium Village Map that hangs in the Village Hall.
The high resolution version of this image can be downloaded by clicking on the button below. It's a 12.Mb file.
Download hi-res map

Contributors to the map are:

Village Hall ~ Guy Carden-Noad
Vicarage ~ Betty Langer
The Chapel, Holyrood ~ David Brown
The Church, St. James ~ Phil Brewer
Church End Farm ~ Sharon James
College Farm ~ Carol Everard
The Manor House ~ Jenny Carden-Noad
The Glebe ~ Anne Mumford
Gunn Cottage ~ Heather Horner
The Chapel ~ Rosemary Brock
Tarwood Lodge ~ Brenda Phillips
Limbrook Close aerial view ~ Tony Lowe
The Cottage (Chapel Road) ~ Chris Yates
The White Cottage ~ Glenda Brown
Upper Wayside
Lower Wayside
The Mason Arms
The Post Office

The Village Hall Committee is keen to make sure that it organises enjoyable events and provides facilities at the hall that are appealing to people in the village. It would be good to see more villagers participating in village hall events.

We would like to hear from you about:
  • Any events or activities that you would like us to hold or arrange
  • Any current events you would like us to stop
Please contact any of the committee members to discuss your ideas.

The village hall is a great place for a party or other family or business event. Feedback from people who book the hall shows how much they love the unusual Victorian building, with its light and spacious rooms and enclosed grass space outside. People are already commenting on how lovely the new curtains look and how they have improved the hall's acoustics.

If you are interested in planning or organising events or helping to run the hall, please contact one of the
committee members. You will be able to attend one of our meetings as an observer before any commitment on your part.


Feb. 2019: Ken Brooks & Diana Brown
Jan. 2019: Russell Cherry & Marion Pinker
Dec. 2018: Nigel Cripps & Lindy Cripps ~ the second time in two years that a husband and wife have claimed 'the double'!
Nov. 2018: Jake Lawry & Russell Cherry
Oct. 2018: Reg Pinker & Anne Cherry
Sept. 2018: Don Boot & Beryl Jones
Aug. 2018: Ken Brooks & Jake Woodland
July 2018: Jane Wilson & Jane Lewis
June 2018: Anne Cherry & Malcolm Osmundson
May 2018: Jake Woodland & Kathy Alexander
April 2018: Alan Wilson & Marina Pinker
March 2018: Kathy Alexander & Rachel Murphy

100 CLUB 2019

We intend to run this again for another 12 months at the same price of £12.00 per year per person with prizes drawn during the monthly 'Social evening'. The first prize draw of 2019 will be made at the 'Social evening' on Friday, 25th January and thereafter at every 'Social evening' on the last Friday of each month.

Entry is very simple: please either make a BACS transfer to 'South Leigh Village Hall', account number 00177826, sort code 30-99-78 or give any member of the
Village Hall Committee £12.00 (cheques should be payable to 'South Leigh Village Hall') with a note of your name and address and you will be included and have a chance of winning a prize each month. If paying by BACS, please send a remittance advice to Then sit back and wait for the prizes to arrive!

This year we have paid a first prize of £12 and a second one of £10 each month. The number and amounts depend on how many people join the scheme - the more who join, the higher the prize money. The names of the monthly winners are always shown on this web page and in the quartile printed newsletter.

Village Hall refurbishment

The village hall refurbishment has been a great success and is now run superbly by the village hall committee.

The village hall committee and the parish council have an agreement whereby 50% of the net profits of the village hall are donated to the parish council. You might also remember that as part of the refurbishment we had to take out a loan from the council and this had the effect of increasing your council tax. I'm delighted to be able to tell you that we have used this year's donation from the village hall to pay off a part of that loan reducing, its term by one year.

Thank you for supporting this project.

Nicky Brooks.

Village Hall Committee Report - year to 31st March, 2017

The village hall has had another successful year, with an increased number of bookings and continued enthusiastic comments from hirers.

Total income from hiring the hall was £7,267, up 28% on last year’s figure. The events we organised added another £4,220, down 8% on 2016; various donations, including from the Summer Fayre Committee, and other more minor amounts contributed to the total income of £12,998 (£12,153).

Our costs increased, up 15% to £5,002, an amount that includes several one-off costs, notably for the new seat and its surrounds and for a new fridge and freezer. The seat was installed in memory of Rob Brown, a member of the Parish Council from 1970 to 2004 and Chairman of it for part of that time, using funds kindly donated by his widow, Glenda.

As in previous years, we paid half of the amount due on the WODC loan and set aside £2,000 for future repairs. As agreed last year, we transferred to the Parish Council, of which we are part, half of our residual surplus for the year – almost £2,300.

The hall continues to be popular for birthday and other family parties and for weddings, as well as for local businesses and other organisations, including one booking by a local florist for several days around St Valentine’s day. Never has the hall smelt so good! There is still capacity for more bookings, so, if you know an organisation that uses off-site locations for meetings or events, please encourage them to use our hall. We are typically good value compared with many other locations and in a delightful setting.

We continue to investigate ways to improve the acoustics of the hall and have recently undertaken repairs to the skirting boards, part of which had rotted, apparently as a result of continued rising damp. We plan to investigate this further.

The re-opening of the pub this month may well have an impact on our results and activities over the next year. Some people have suggested that we should abandon our monthly pub nights, while a larger number have said that we should continue with monthly social nights for villagers, in addition to the other events we organise. We will continue for now, but review the position in a few months.

As a Committee, we are always interested in knowing what events you would like us to organise; do please let us know. Equally, if you would like to discuss joining us, perhaps to organise something you feel passionate about, please contact me or any other Committee member.

Finally, my thanks to all of the members of the Committee (treasurer John Ashwell, David Brown, secretary Dorothy Carden-Noad, booking secretary Debi Diacon, Malcolm Osmundson (who has recently retired), Mai Jarvis and Sue Washington) for their hard work over the last year. Our thanks also go to Tim Lawson, who looks after the village website and provides other IT support, to Sid Washington who makes our amazing signs, to Eileen Mawle for letting us use her field for parking, to traffic marshall Martin, to the members of SLUG who worked on the bank and gardens outside the hall and to everyone else who has helped at the hall, at events, in the kitchen and in other ways.

Richard Law
Chairman, Village Hall Committee
14th May, 2017

Although the Village Hall Committee is in fact a sub-committee of the Parish Council, this report appears in the 'Village Hall' section of the website because the webmaster feels that this is the most logical place for people to look for it. The Village Hall accounts are incorporated within the Parish Council accounts and therefore appear in the 'Parish Council' section of the website.