Comings & Goings


Graham & Karen Goodson have recently moved from Chapel Cottage (next to 'Old Chapel') to be nearer to their family.

In their place, we welcome Gary & Lysette Nicholls, their dog, Chester, and their five cats. We hope that they will enjoy living in South Leigh.

We welcome Nick and sam Kelaher and their family to Wynchmore, 75 Station Road and hope they are happy living in South Leigh.

We have said goodbye to Allan & Brenda Phillips who lived at Wynchmore, 75 Station Road and who have moved to be nearer their family. Allan & Brenda have written the following message:

"Thank you South Leigh for 20 fabulous years, we have loved every minute. Everyone was so kind and welcoming when we first arrived and before long we were both involved with the life of the village. We will miss you all."

Michael and Diane Fitchett have moved into Field House following Patrick and Sue Strainge's departure. We hope they will enjoy living here.

Patrick & Sue Strainge have left Field House, Barnard Gate Road for pastures new.

We welcome Martin and Louise Spurrier, who have taken over The Manor from Graham and Amelia, and wish them much happiness in South Leigh.

We are very sorry to see Graham and Amelia leave the village to be nearer their daughter, Poppy and her family in Cambridgeshire. We wish them very joy and happiness in their new home.

Welcome to Tammy Barrett and Justin Heavens who, with Bob the dog, who have moved in to 16 Lymbrook Close. We hope you will be very happy in your new home.

We welcome Roger and his two four-legged companions to Rose Cottage, Station Road and they all enjoy living in South Leigh.


We extend a warm welcome to Catherine West, Elisabeth West and Pat band who have moved into 'Landec' in Chapel Road and wish them a happy time here in South Leigh.


We would like to welcome Eric and Sylvie Duhamel and their two sons to Wayside Cottage in Chapel Road - just opposite Shuttles Cottage. We hope that they enjoy living in the village.


We welcome Lee and Natalie Williams, their daughter Francesca and labrador, Sookie to the 'The Old Station'. We hope that they enjoy living in the village.


Will and Amanda have moved into Kingsettle Cottage in Church End together with their children, William and Tabitha and cairn terrier, Buster and we hope that they enjoy living in the village.


Dean and Mai have recently moved in to Little Gidding from Witney and we welcome them to the village and hope they will be happy here.


We are sorry to see Rowan, Laura, Jacob and Nancy leave the village but hope they will enjoy living in Witney.

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We are very sorry to see Lynne and Corin Mills leave the village for Herefordshire where we hope they will be very happy. They certainly have a lovely view from their new house!

Welcome to Justin & Heidi who have recently moved into The Byre in Station Road; we hope you will enjoy living in the village.

We would like to welcome Mick, Judy, Sam and Tom to 1, Lymbrook Cottage (actually in Station Road). We hope they will enjoy living in our village.

We welcome Oliver and Barbara Jackson to the village. They have lately moved into Stow Cottage on Station Road.

Welcome to Steve and Karen Foggett to Shuttles Cottage and hope that they are happy living in South Leigh.

Chris, Alison, Josh And Ellie have moved into the Old Barn, Station Road having previously lived for a short while in the U.S.A. We hope they will be very happy in their new home and wish them a warm welcome to the village.


Derek & Annie McNamara of Lymbrook Close are moving into Witney after 26 years in the village. Derek served on the Parish Council for many years and was the chairman for a while; Annie was a trustee of the South Leigh Charity. We thank them both for their contribution to village life and wish them every happiness in their new home in Witney.


Don Boot leaves the village for Eynsham at the end of May having spent many years in Shuttles Cottage. He took a full part in village life and was the first holder of the licence to sell liquor at the Village Hall. He also served on the Parish Council for many years. We will all miss the sight of Don walking through the village with his Bassett hound Polly but look forward to seeing them both at future village events.


John and Nicola Richardson are moving from The Old Barn in Station Road together with their menagerie of five cats and three alpacas and an unknown quantity of chickens. We hope they all settle happily into their new home in Barnard Gate.


We just wanted to say “goodbye” after our ten happy years as your neighbours in Rose Cottage, Station Road. We leave with happy memories of our times in the village and thank you all for your kindness and friendship.
Amba and Asha were both born at home in the village so it will always hold a special place in our hearts. We’ve moved to Witney and we’re very happy. We are still local so no doubt will bump in to you around and about.

Hari, Sami, Amba & Asha Vaudrey.


We understand that John and Judith Bowden will shortly be leaving the village after living in Station Road for many years. For a long time they were involved with the running and maintenance of the Village Hall. We thank them for their interest in village affairs and hope they will enjoy living in Eynsham.


Rupert Monier-Williams and Sarah Dodgson have moved have moved into 3 Holyrood with their friendly, 6 month old chocolate Burmese cat. We hope they will be very happy living in South Leigh.

We wish Derek, Hilary and Amy, the departing residents, all the best in their new home, believed to be in Charlbury.


Trevor and Judith Nunn have moved from High Cogges into temporary accommodation in Witney whilst their chosen property becomes available. We have just heard the purchase of this property is going ahead so hope they will enjoy living in their new home. Moving into their old property in High Cogges are John and Karen Evans.


We have said goodbye to Linda Miles and her son Anthony and welcome Anne Borg and her dogs to 4 Lymbrook Close.


Welcome to Matt and Marianne Glitheroe who, with their children Henrietta and Hayden, have come to live at Oak Cottage, High Cogges.


Ian and Kerry Walker, the new owners of 2 Holyrood, Church End have not yet completed their move, but we welcome them for when they finally do arrive!


We welcome Peter Farr to the village (23 Lymbrook Close) and hope you enjoy living here.


We welcome Mark and Kor Cass with their dog, Barney, to The Halt, Station Road and hope they enjoy living in the village.